TimeTick, is at it’s heart, an application to create multiple checklists, called Tick Lists, based on user-defined Templates. Each Tick List allows you to ‘tick off’ items by entering the time that the item was completed, as well as add notes and make on the fly changes. See it here on the App Store. The app was designed to work effectively on iPhone screens but also works well on iPad.

The Templates

The app allows the creation of multiple Templates that hold the static data for subsequent Tick Sheets. Each Template can also have alerts set up for each row, which work in conjunction with the entered reference time. The alerts comprise a sound when the app is active, background notifications and a navigation bar colour change.

An image showing the in-app help file

Templates can be created to calculate expected completion times relative to a static reference time or cascading from the previous item.

The Tick Sheets

Each Template can be used as a base for multiple Tick Sheets, with each Tick Sheet being a unique instance. Whilst Tick Sheets inherit all their starting information, including alerts, from their Template, they can be altered to suit the specific circumstance. Tick Sheets may also be emailed as PDF and CSV files.


The app has a built in PDF reader with an offline help file. The file can also be downloaded as a stand alone PDF here.