TimeTick Version 1.1.0

TimeTick version 1.0 has been available on the App Store now for a little under a year and in that time it hasn’t received any updates, unlike the considerably more popular PilotCalc, which is now at version 2.0.8, reflecting one major and a good number of minor revisions.  

As a user of TimeTick, as well as the developer, I have occasionally come across a bug in the notification system causing some spurious notifications and I have also found the  system to be somewhat cumbersome and inflexible in real use. As a result I have been working on an update for the application which is mainly focused on the notification system. This work is now well under way and I am hopeful that it will be ready for release in April or May.

In summary, the planned changes for version 1.1.0 are:

1. Replace the notification system:

  • Remove the current slider system which allows for the setting of only four notification periods overall  and replace it with a line by line system which will allow each individual line item to have one or more of: 
  1. An  associated audible warning.
  2. A background notification.
  3. A colour change.
  • Add inheritance to the notifications so that a TickSheet inherits it’s notifications from the associated Template but alterations can then be made at the individual TickSheet level, in the same manner as line items and other TickSheet details.
  • Add the option to enable/disable notifications, audible warnings and colour changes globally.

2. Add a What’s new window to show changes for this version.

3. Change the sales model from a paid download to a Freemium application:

My current thinking on this to offer full functionality for one template but require an in-app purchase for additional templates.