In addition to this website, Cold Arid Code built and maintains the following websites:

Chiswick Pier Canoe Club is a fun canoe and kayaking club, based at Chiswick Pier, offering lessons and regular paddle excursions.

The website was created to replace a custom built website that had become outdated and was no longer being maintained or kept up to date. The current site is actively maintained and the embedded calendar function provides members with up to date information on the status of paddle excursions.

WildChiswick is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation with the aim of increasing awareness of the wildlife around Chiswick.

The original WildChiswick website was still actively used but had become somewhat unwieldy to update. WildChiswick were looking for something a little more easily maintained and more fluid.

SnapWildChiswick was a website for the WildChiswick 2023 photography competition. Having served its purpose, it has now been mothballed for future use.

The brief for the SnapWildChiswick website was to create a simple site that allowed visitors to upload photographs and accompanying text that could be viewed and judged by a panel of judges. The site also needed to provide some inspirational photographs and have the ability to showcase a subset of entries.