The 2021 LG Gram vs the M1 MacBook Air

I read an interesting headline the other day, in a well known publication, which suggested that the M1 MacBook Air just got a powerful rival in the form of the 2021 LG Gram computer. The article went on to review the device in question and concluded that it offers serious competition to the new MacBook Air.

It is a well written article and a good review of what is, I have no doubt, an excellent piece of kit, but I am going to stick my neck out here and say that the headline and the conclusion are rubbish!

I would argue that these two machines are not, and never will be, in serious competition. Yes, there will always be a small percentage of users who are considering a switch from MacOS to Windows and vice-versa. There will also be a handful moving to or from the Linux world and some who are making their first foray into laptop ownership. For all of these, this headline and conclusion may hold true, but, by and large I believe that computer users sit in either the Windows or the MacOS camp.

An Apple user is likely an Apple user because they prefer the Mac operating system and/or have invested in Apple’s ecosystem and enjoy the synergy between iOS and the MacOS. For these users the merits of the LG Gram are largely irrelevant as it cannot run the operating system of their choice. Of far more interest is a comparison between the M1 MacBook Air, the M1 MacBook Pro and the earlier Intel based MacBooks, as evidenced by the numerous articles on this very subject, that have appeared since the November unveiling of Apple silicon. With the exception of a few potential switchers, or the few as yet undecided, a Windows machine is not going to be of interest and as such is not a competitor to the MacBook Air.

Similarly, I would argue that the average Windows user is in a similar position, they are likely tied to applications and workflows built around the Windows environment. Maybe they are gamers, people whose work environment dictates their operating system, or they just prefer Microsoft’s offering and, as such, are likely to remain in the Windows camp. To these people, a Macintosh Air is of very limited interest as it doesn’t run Windows. Give these users a comparison between the LG Gram and the latest HP or Sony, Samsung or other Windows machine because it is these that are the competitors for this machine not a MacBook.

For these reasons I don’t believe that there is a valid comparison to be made between these two machines.