Branding & Bugs

I wrote previously about redesigning the Cold Arid Code logo to be consistent with the colour scheme chosen for the icons on PilotCalc and TimeTick but I realised, when working on the initial views for TimeTick, that whilst the PilotCalc icon conforms to the scheme, the application itself doesn’t. This led me to revisit the PilotCalc storyboard to make a few small changes to the colour scheme; specifically the menu and navigation bars, to bring them in line with the Cold Arid Code and TimeTick colours. Whilst tinkering with the look of the application I took advantage of the impending release to update some of the help text as well. Those changes formed the basis of version 1.1.2 which was released just before Christmas.

On the subject of colours and consistency there is still more work to be done on PilotCalc, including changing the keyboard colours on the calculator, but this is a bigger job and will necessitate recreating the help screens and App Store material. I am also loathe to force a keyboard colour change on existing users so I’m planning on building in the option to switch between the anticipated blue/silver scheme, that will become the new default, and the current orange and blue keys. I am also looking at providing some additional key colours, but I anticipate that this latter will be an in-app purchase and will likely be offered in version two of PilotCalc, which is still a long way away over the horizon.

So onto bugs: A few of the current user base have allowed anonymous diagnostics which are really helpful in tracking down bugs. Around the time of release 1.1.2, I noticed a small number of crash reports appearing in the statistics for PilotCalc and I was able to use the user diagnostic information provided by Apple to recreate a nasty, but infrequent bug, which caused an application crash. The crash occurred when the user returned from the Flight Log to an empty Flight List, but only if the user first navigated from the Flight Log view to either the Time Calculator view or the Help view before returning to the Flight List screen.  Once I was able to recreate the bug consistently, it was a relatively simple fix and I made use of an evening on standby to rewrite the problematic code and submit version 1.1.3 of PilotCalc to Apple for review. Less than thirty minutes after submitting the new build to Apple, it was approved, released to the App Store and is now available.

That’s all the bugs of which I am currently aware but if you find any more please drop me an email and I’ll fix them as soon as possible.  

Finally, if you find PilotCalc useful, an App Store review would be very much appreciated.